You might just want to bring in your car to change the oil, the brake pads or do some simple repairs to get that WOF.

 You might need some well-lit space and some more serious gear to spend the weekend converting your boring auto to a manual.

You might want access to a welder, a grinder or a folder for some rust repairs on your classic.

 You might have a race car and want somewhere to do some pre-season prep or between race tweaks.

 Whatever you've got to Tinker on, we've got the space. And these tools...



Weldtech MIG180 - MiG Welder

100mm Grinder and some wheels. Bring the wheel you need is the best bet.

A barely adequate compressor

Rattle Gun + Selected Impact Sockets

El Cheapo Paint Gun

Selection of Sanders

Spanners, Sockets, Torque Wrench and tools like that.

Brake Flaring Kit & Pad Compressor for doing your brakes

Axle Stands & Low Profile Jack

Spring Compressors

Steel Folder - Suits small gauge up to about 2mm


SHIT WE NEED - Oil Change tank thingy, Parts Washer, Tyre Machine, A lathe, A Big Fuckoff Bench, Money, Time, Our youth back, etc, etc